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3+ is the figure you should keep in mind.

The main problem with laying horses is liability, although we are lucky in some ways because unlike bookies we can concentrate on one horse, where as they have to cover bets on every horse in the race, of course the odds do reflect this but it must still hurt when they have to pay out on some of the big priced winners.

Before reading on I suggest you read my article on liability.

Up until now I have always agreed with the 1.7 - 2.7 (maybe stretch this to 3) range of liabilities, but I am sure if you have done some serious laying you will know that we get an awful lot of favourites that win within this bracket.

While I was researching the new Lay Betting System I started to look at a lot of racing data and was surprised to find out that in some instances over 60% of odds on favourites win (below 2) their races, that's almost 2 in 3 but this drops to just under half at evens (2) to 15/8 (2.99), but where it really makes a difference is 2/1(3) and 9/2(5.99) where these favourites only win 1 in 5 races and 5/1(6) to 9/1(10) do even worse and only win 1 race in 10.

This means that just by sticking with evens we improve our chances, but if we go for 2/1 or above we are now into easy lay win territory!

Now I know the word "liability" is on your lips, but it surely better to place a bet on a favourite that only has a 1 in 5 chance of winning, than a race where the favourite has a better than 50% chance of winning

If you don't believe me then have a look at David Turners lay site, where he tends to bet on higher priced horses:

Now compare this to where many of the horses have a far lower SP.

Sure David has his losers but nowhere near as many.

**By the way the two losers on the 20 Sept were actually void because David says "if his pick isn't favourite but the Favourite is a NR then the selection is void", which happened in both these cases, but David felt it was only proper to keep the selections in.**

Now I am not suggesting that you go out and just bet on any horse that is 2/1 and over, I am just trying to show you the difference it can make to your winnings, especially if we add some more filters into the selection process, which is exactly what I have done with the new Lay Betting System.

As I actually bet as well (more on this at a later date) I know what it is like when you are laying a horse at 5/1, 8/1 or even 12/1, it is almost impossible to do!

So the thing to do is set yourself a liability ceiling and then go from there, as you get comfortable with that level and start to see how your bank is growing and the winners that were slightly higher that you missed out on, you can increase the liability you willing to accept.

Don't just rush into it, as always paper trade in all instances first but I am pretty sure that after a while you will be convinced that this is a very profitable way to lay horses

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