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Betting Exchanges
Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges

Well the news it out and these guys seem to be popping up from everywhere, so are and being threatened!
To be truefull probably not unless they can offer something or do not.
So what can they offer?

Well the only thing that these new betting exchanges could offer is a lower percentage charge on your winnings, but what they cannot offer is the amount of liquidity available on and

Ok if you are betting small amounts then you are probably going to be able to get your bets matched at some of these new betting exchanges but if you are betting 100's or 1000's on a race then it becomes less likely.

That aside lets have a look at some of the betting exchanges.

Click here for better prices!

As mentioned already this is the King of the Betting Exchanges and the site that started the whole thing off.

It's quite interesting just to sit and watch some of the horse racing and the amount of money being placed, the average on UK races must now be over 500,000 UK Sterling and you it's usual to see back and lay bets of 1000 upwards.

Betfair's other advantage over many other sites is that it covers just about every sporting event from around the world, I am interested in horse racing and I could easily bet 24hrs a day (meetings allowing) and I know many people who bet not just on UK races but Australia, Newzealand and the USA as well.

Registration: Easy min deposit £10.00
Ease of use: have had time to get this right so as you can imagine it works well.
Layout: Most of these sites use up all the window width of a 1028 X 768 screen, there is a lot of information to display.
Likes: The amount of sporting events and the way you can see each horse race one after the other in the left hand menu.
Dislikes: None that I can think of. Commission: 3 - 5%

The second largest Betting Exchange and there is probably an argument for having an account with them as well as so that you can get the best prices and sometimes even minimize your risk by Betting to win at one and Lay at the other! do not show the total amount being bet on a race as do but it has to be pretty similar judging by the bets you can see being placed

I must admit that I do like using apart from the colour scheme that find a bit off putting and the way each race is laid out doesn't exactly appeal to me after using Betfair's system.

I suppose their greatest advantage over is that their commission rate starts at betfairs lowest!

Registration: Easy min deposit £10.00 Ease of use: As easy as Betfair Layout: Most of these sites use up all the window width of a 1028 X 768 screen, there is a lot of information to display. Likes: Nothing particular but for me it does seem a cleaner display than Betfair's Dislikes: Colour Scheme. Commission: 2 - 3%

This must me quite a new site because the action in the horse racing section anyway is a pretty slow, but I like this site so I am defiantly going to keep and eye on it as the money is rising everyday.

It certainly as easy to use as the other two and the layout is very clean.

Registration: Easy min deposit £10.00 Ease of use: As easy as Layout: Nice clean and crisp Likes: "Next" and "Previous" horse race, takes you straight to the action. Dislikes: Flash entry scheme...WHY?. Commission: 2 - 3%

This is a mainly American site that as yet I have not had time to review but will soon.

More to come.....

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