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Changes to the Racing Post Website

The Racing Post web site just seems to be happy changing it's self around and the latest update is a complete revamp of the site.

Gone have many of the pop-ups that made getting the information easier and the darker colours. In has come a brighter whiter site with more navigation and less pop-ups. I expect (apart from the advertising revenue) their reason is that so many people are using pop-up blocker's that they get a lot of technical questions!

Please bare with me though because even just a week after launching this latest update they have changed where the Jockey and Trainer 5 year statistics are after I (and many others) complained about them being in a rather silly place.

By the way most of the race card information is in the same place they have made it look different with the colour changes.

So lets take a look at the changes:

By the way it is worth having a copy of their site open in another browser while reading this.

First of all Navigation is no longer down the left hand or right hand side but instead is on the red bar under the Racing Post title.

If you click "Racing" then you get the main menus, Cards, Results, News, Tipsters etc and running your mouse over any of these will show Sub menus. Cards has the following 5 days racing and Results various options.

Naps Table
This is one that has confused a lot of people because before you just went to the tipsters menu and chose "naps table", but now you have to first select "tipsters" from the "Racing" Menu once at the tipster page you will se a further menu on the right hand side near the top with several more links. The one we are interested in is the bottom one called "Naps". Clicking this will take you to that table.

5 Year course Statistics.
As I said earlier when they first updated the site these were put under the actual picture on the race course information page, they are still there but they are also now under race card on a tab called "Statistics" right next to "selections".

Travelled / First Time Blinkers / Seven Day winners
These are now on the course information page under the course picture. Click the "Signpost" button.

Trainer Season Statistics - British flat
These are found by clicking the main "Racing" menu and choosing "Statistics".

I will add more to this list as I get time.

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