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Midas Maidens Method

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As you can probably guess from the title this system looks to maiden races to find "Lay of the day".

Written by Jon from the Bismarx Midas Maiden Method comes in the form of a downloadable Ebook that will only work on PC's.

Maidens are the first choice for people to pick on for a "Lay" bet, but you may be surprised to find out that they produce a high percentage of winning favourites and I know last month and this month (May – June 2004) that figure has been around the 60% mark!

My only gripe about the Ebook is the navigation, I like to see a standard HTML type navigation in products, but Jon prefers you to use the "Back" and "Next" buttons at the top, I know I am being silly!

The "Midas Maiden Method" uses a 4 rule selection process that eliminates many of the maidens you will find on a days racing and then looks at the remainder giving you a further 2 rules to use against them to get down to one selection.

Does it work?

Key: Sunk – We won. Missed – We lost

MAY 1/5/04 15.20 Hayd MISTER LINKS.....SUNK!,
3/5/04 14.10 Kemp P’NET TOMATO...SUNK!
4/5/04 14.20 Bath ICEMAN....SUNK!,
5/5/04 17.30 Naas LORD NELSON....SUNK!,
6/5/04 19.30 Clon HIGH DAY...SUNK!,
7/5/04 16.30 Ling CASTLETON...SUNK!,
8/5/04 16.30 Bev LANGSTON BOY......SUNK!,
9/5/04 15.30 Uttox EGGMOUNT..SUNK!,
10/5/04 20.15 Wind INCURSION..MISSED!,
11/5/04 14.40 Hunt ZONERGEN..MISSED!,
12/5/04 18.00 Balli ASANINE..SUNK!,
13/5/04 13.40 Salis GALEOTA..SUNK!,
14/5/04 17.50 Cork INTRIGUING..MISSED!,
15/5/04 15.45 Newb BLA SHAK..SUNK!,
16/5/04 15.55 Fake BALLYVADY...MISSED!,
17/5/04 16.10 Bath CHARLESTON..SUNK!,
18/5/05 15.45 Good MUTAHAYYA..SUNK!,
19/5/04 18.15 Clon YOUNG VINTAGE..SUNK!,
20/5/04 14.20 Newc ROYAL ISLAND...MISSED!,
21/5/04 14.00 Hay SPACE SHUTTLE...SUNK!,
22/5/04 16.35 Newm LONG ROAD....SUNK!,
23/5/04 17.45 Curr MONASER..SUNK!,
24/5/04 19.15 Win FRUIT OF GLORY...SUNK!,
25/5/04 16.10 Rip GRAND BUTONE....SUNK!,
26/5/04 21.00 Leop AZAROUK....SUNK!,
27/5/04 18.55 Weth SIR BRASTIAS..SUNK!,
28/5/04 18.35 Pont BAILIEBO’GH...MISSED!,
29/5/04 14.00 Hex ALL ROCK HARD..SUNK!,
30/5/04 16.20 Newm ALICIA..MISSED!..
31/5/04 15.30 Sand LIWAS LAKE...SUNK!..

A total profit of £1640 for May.

The system is really easy to follow and uses the Racingpost to help with the selection process.

I like the way Jon has used several examples to show you how to use the selection process and the further pointers to look out for, including helpful graphics.

Jon has made the product as easy to follow as possible and included a staking plan that although I use the same one myself is not suited to everyone.

Although going by past results I do think that level staking will probably suffice.

Midas Maidens is a well written product that does what it says it does!

Who is if for?

If you own my own my own lay betting system you probably don’t need this one but if not and you want an easy system to follow then I would rate this above many of the others out there. v It gets 4 out of 5 from me.

Click Here to read more.

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