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Review Sectional Timing Software

Greyhound Sectional Timing Software Review.

Over the last couple of months I have become very interested in Greyhound Racing so I was quite excited to get hold of a copy of Bobby Burns Sectional Timing Software.

Sectional timing the "Holy Grail of Greyhound Racing" a very bold statement and one that I was eager to find out if it was true.

"Sectional Timing is based around the sectional timing that each greyhound has achieved in its previous 5 races. The software calculates these times and then takes the settings that you have set and provides you with winning and laying selections."

The Sectional Timing Software package actually comes in two parts with a further subscription based service to make everything easier.

Sectional Timing Software eBook is well written and covers all the basics of betting Win/Lay and everything you are going to need to know in order to get the best from the software. It's explains why certain selection are made and how to use the information provided, this includes Bobbys 2 "Golden Rules" of betting on the Greyhounds.

Sectional Timing Software is a neat bit of kit and has been set up so you can easily enter the data needed and once this has been done the software will rate (using a unique scoring system) the top win and lays for the day.

Ok so far so good, we have a sound selection systems with an excellent piece of software to use with it.

So what about results?

Well I always thought the lay side would be better than the win side, but one of the days during the test we did have 3 winners in a row, but it was probably a very good day, but they do pop up now and then but it is a matter if you can make profit from them long term, which I must admit to not knowing.

There are always lot's more lay tips than win tips so this is defiantly a better product for layers and the results are very good and I recorded quite a few long winning runs during the test, but many of the selections are quite high priced as you would probably expect, but you can narrow the selections by just choosing the best for the day, this will certainly be more profitable even if you just was to take the highest scorer.

There are a couple of gripes with the software, mainly to do with not allowing you to sort the results in a different order to the one supplied which is the scoring system, so you tend to get a report (which you can print) with race times all over the place.

It does take a while to enter the data, you could probably get quicker after a while but if you are serious about using the information or do not have much time then you are better of taking a monthly subscription but this does cost extra but the time it saves you, it is probably worth it.

Overall the Sectional Timing Software package is good and everything works as it should, of course if money is an issue then this may be a little expensive for those just wanting to have a go at greyhounds for the first time, although Bobby does give quite a good money back guarantee.

I would give it a big thumbs up for the software and eBook but although the price for the main product is very resonable considering you are not only getting an ebook but specialised software as well, the monthly cost for the selections may put some people off, but you do get a 7 day trial to this service and I would suggest you make as much use of that as you can to decide if it will be profitable for you.

To read more about Sectional Timing Software please click here

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