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Betting Under £2 On Betfair

Under £2.00 bet on Betfair.

Unlike , you will probably be aware that has a minimum bet of £2.00, well here is a little trick that will allow you to place a smaller bet.

I would suggest that you do not over use this technique, but it can be handy for higher priced lays, or ones you are testing.

If you would prefer something more visual then click here to see a video.

1st put a lay on for 2.00 at a price of 1.01, you won't get matched at this price which is the idea, if you were doing this on the bet side them you would make it 500 or something that has no chance of being matched. will now report back that your bet hasn't been matched but will leave the bet there (don't cancel) to see if it may get matched at a later time.

The next thing to do is change the value (the money side) by adding on to the £2.00 the stake you wish to bet.

So if you want to lay the horse for 50p the change the value to 2.50, then click the submit button again.

You will now have 2 unmatched best showing, 1 for 2.00 and 1 for 50p.

On the 50p unmatched bet change the price to a value where it will now be matched.

At the moment it is 1.01 so you need to change this figure to what ever the current price of your selection is, click submit and your 50p bet should now get matched.

You will now have one matched bet at 50p and one unmatched bet at £2.00, now click the cancel all bets and this will delete the £2.00 bet leaving you with a bet of just 50p.

So easy!

Tips Video
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