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Winners Lay Losers.

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Review: Winners Lay Losers by Steve Parker

As many of my readers will know, whenever a new product appears that has anything to do wit lay bets I have to have it!

I must admit I hadn't heard of Steve Parker or his system so I wasn't sure what to expect, but on opening the PDF document and finding it contained 70 pages was a very pleasant surprise.

Most Ebooks you buy on horse racing tend to concentrate more on the system they are promoting and less on the fundamentals that they expect the reader will have already have.

Thankfully Steve has taken a different route and has presumed his readers are complete novices and so spends a great deal of time going into every detail to help he gets a through understanding of the subject before even thinking of making a bet.

Here are just a few of the chapters
Understanding Odds
Understanding the Bookies Book
Betting Exchanges
The gambling year (what races happen when)
Race types
10 tips on successful betting.

This is just a few of them, there are actually 47!

There is also a very well written section on "Selecting horses to Lay" although this is not specific in any one detail it does cover most of what is important and with the added bonus of showing you how to find much of the information from the RacingPost website.

If there is a weak part to the publication I would say it was Steve's own lay system. It is one that I have tested myself and although most of the time seems to work ok, it does have a habit of robbing your bank now and then.

You could certainly use it as a starting point though and with the other information you will learn from Steve’s ebook, you should be able to create a good system of your own.

I must say that I like this product and would highly recommend it to anyone just starting out or still a little confused by many of the Horse Racing terms. It would certainly give you a good education, probably the best I have seen in an ebook of this kind.

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