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Welcome to the Greyhound section of the Laybetting Website.

Up until a few months ago my main interest had always been horses and although I had dabbled with other ideas it had not been with any great convictions.

During the winter months of horse racing there are normally only 3 meetings (less in bad weather) and so you are left with very few selections so I decided to use the summer months to find further sports events I could use during the winter season and that is why I looked at Greyhound Racing.

There are always plenty of races to look at during the day or evening which makes it even more attractive for people who have to work during the day.

There are also plenty of meetings at the weekend.

Bags meetings are my favourite they are a little similar to low grade horse racing and there are normally 6 different meetings a day.

BAGS meetings were originally conceived by high street bookies because Greyhound meetings are traditionally evening meetings so most betting happened when they were closed, so creating meetings all day meant they could take advantage of punters who were interested in this form betting. Now bags go through from normally 11am to 11pm although from the laying point of view only normally covers BAGS meetings up to 10pm and sometime a little earlier.

Some things to watch out for:

  • 1. SP's apart from the favourites bare no resemblance to the odds on so although you may wish to use them, don't expect them to be relevant.
  • 2. Odds generally hot up about two minutes before the race but if you are looking to bet on the favourite then you should wait for the 1 min mark.
  • 3. Sometimes a meeting gets behind, so watch out for this because it can be as much as 20 min. If you have come in halfway through a meetings races then check the last race to run to make sure it has finished, otherwise you may be no where near the a minute mark!
  • 4. There is no "in running" on greyhounds and generally settle bets within a couple of minutes after the race starts. There are plenty of photo finishes though so this can sometimes take a little longer.
  • 5. There is normally between 8 and 12 minutes before each race, it sounds a lot but if you are trying to calculate stakes and decide on other things that time can really shoot past, so be prepared.
  • 6. I have tried looking for trading opportunities but the prices between the back and lay side seem to be quite different meaning that you need a lot of movement on either to make a trade possible.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the test I am running and any new products or information I find then please join my specific Greyhound list here.

Sectional Timing Software - The Holy Grail of Greyhound racing or just a gimmick, read my review to find out!

Click Here to read the review.

Click Here to join the Greyhound Systems list.

Have a good day's racing.


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