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"You are about to find out how the lay market was finally cracked and how you can take full advantage of this unique way of making money from these markets."

How often have you read headline like that?

How often have you been told that the lay system your reading about is the one that's going to make you a fortune?

How many of these systems have you tried only to find out that the only thing they were really good at...was wiping out a good part of your bank?

So how can these people promise so much but not deliver on that promise?

Well there are 3 main reasons...

1. They have never bet on the systems themselves so have no idea how they really work on the live Betfair market.

2. They don't have the real statistics of the system so can not warn you of possible losing streaks and losses. (Or they do know but fail to share them with you.)

3. Their systems are based on some "pie in the sky idea" that's may seem plausible but just won't work in the real work or long term

So you end up with a system that looks very pretty on paper ( or on a web page) but that's all it is.

Once you start using the system for yourself unfortunately you find out very quickly that it just doesn't work.

The worst of this is that 99% of the lay systems that are sold will end up losing you money...

So how can you avoid ending up with another system just like the one above?

Well read on you your going to find this interesting....

Hi my name is Malcolm 

I have been involved in testing betting systems in one way or another for over 12 years and I can tell you that I have seen some very interesting ones in that time.

But when Betfair came along and introduced the concept of lay betting things got even weirder.

So called experts were coming up with all sorts of strange ideas to identify runners that were going to lose.

They had us running around all over the place chasing maidens, outsiders and shortest travelled among many other insane ideas.

All these ideas seem to look good on paper and often worked for small amount of times but they all ended up going the same way...losing people a lot of money.

When you think about it...

...It shouldn't be that difficult to pick a loser. I mean only one runner can in race so surely if you pick a 20 runner race you can pick one horse that will lose.

Of course you can.

But it's not really down to picking losers...

It's down to picking winners!


Lay Betting is like all betting you can win and lose 100's of times and you will if you follow a system for a long time...but the only thing that will make you money is if your winners make you more money than you lost on the losers.

You can lay a 20/1 outsider as often as you like but if you end up only winning 19 out of 20 times then you are not making any money.

So the skill is to find selections that lose a little more often than they win and so gradually make you money.

And how do you do that?

Well let me tell you how done it...

I do a lot of testing on the live markets. Because of this I have had some successful systems like the Lay Betting System and others that didn't quite live up to expectations.

But in that time I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, but my real breakthrough came while live testing a back system.

(If you read the "Back to lay" page (later) you will see why this idea does not always work.)

I had gathered over 1000 results at this time and the system had lost quite a bit of money but there were a couple of  reasons why I was prepared to keep gathering data.

One of those was that I was trying to use the information to improve a rating system that I have been working on some.

Anyway I had these pretty poor results in front of me with stacks of information about each selection.

That is when I first had the thought "Would this make a good lay system?"

After analysing the results I thought there could be so the next step was to find out.

Well that was a while ago and since then we found the system not only works but is quite profitable as well.

But I didn't want to stop there...

The system is a 3rd generation system...

What does that mean?

Well after testing the original back system and finding out  that it actually does work as a lay system I started improving the system.

The way we do this is to rate our selections against the other selections in the race based on form elements we have found that stack the odds in our favour.

That doesn't mean we will on every selection but it does mean overall we should make profit and on average we are seeing around 30 points.

This doesn't mean we get 30 points every month.

If you want to be successful at lay betting then there are two things you need to get right.

1. Your Stake
2. Your Head.

I think most people fail to make money from lay betting because they choose a stake size that is to high.

And because they do that then as soon as they have a few losers they give up because their mind is telling them "that this is just another system that doesn't live up to all the hype" and so they stop using it.

You can learn more about my "Rule of thumb" staking here

This is why I think Lay betting .com is different to other sites.

1. We are running this system ourselves everyday and comparing notes with users.

2. We give our users a screen shot of what we are achieving (good or bad), we also give them a spread sheet of all the results which automatically gives you the statistics of the system and allows you to try different stake sizes and bank sizes to see how it looks.

3. As I have explained the lay betting system is based on ratings that have been learned from years of testing and refining.

4. By continually monitoring and betting ourselves we can advise our users how to get the best from the selections.

Think about this...

One of the things people who sell lay systems like to brag about is the number of winners their system has had in a row.

It would be easy for me to tell you that this system has had 52 winners in a row, which looks great but it's not the winners that determine how profitable a lay system it is...

...The losers (you know this already)

When you think about it most lay systems should be able to achieve a strike rate of somewhere between 75% and 98% so it is inevitable that at some stage the system will have a really good winning run of 20 or more and maybe as high as 60 or 70.

But depending on the price that you are laying at you could wipe out all that profit with 3 to 5 losers.

A long winning run is a bonus...but what you need to know is how often you are going to lose and how much it is going to cost you.

It's actually quite interesting because I get a lot of stick for mentioning losing for some reason...I have even surveyed customers about it and they have said they would rather not know!

So being honest actually losses me customers...

And although I have thought about not mentioning losers.

I have instead decided that I would rather have customers who are sensible enough to realise they will have losers with any system they use but they would rather be informed about the risk than not.

Because Without this information you can not properly decide on your stake size or bank size.

I always find the people who accept that losing is all part of gambling have a much better chance of making money because they plan for it...

You make the most money from a system when you come out of the other side of a losing streak, we have seen this time and time again.

But if you go into this with your eyes closed then as soon as you have a few losers you will decide our system doesn't perform and leave...

Off on your trip to find the next big thing...

Maybe I am being harsh but with over 12 years in this business I see it all the time.

So if your one of those people maybe it's time you asked yourself these two questions.

1. Is gambling really for me?
2. Should I finally realise there is no magic system and there never will be. 

If you are still reading this then I hope you are ready to find out about our system.

Our system has a strike rate of 84% and wins our users on average 15 points a month.

But what makes our service better than anyone's else's is that we keep our members informed.

I do not only give members the full disclosure spreadsheet showing you all the selections, the prices you can expect 60 seconds before the off so they can see if they are getting the same...but... 

I also give them a full monthly report giving and a detailed analysis of how the system performed that month.

If you want to see the spread sheet and get the latest in depth report then either...

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